Feature Details

ctcPeople delivers a fully integrated cloud solution to cover all your recruitment management needs.

Why choose ctcPeople?


Jump onto the candidate’s LinkedIn profile straight away. Two-way integration means you can identify candidates already in your database.

Direct Job Posting

Post jobs directly to all the main Job boards worldwide. We march in lockstep with our posting partners to bring the latest job dissemination methods at your fingertips fast and effectively.

Candidate and Consultant Tracking

Track the status of your candidates, as they flow through your recruitment workflow from first interview to offer management. We offer a smart way to project revenue generation, capital spend and supplier performance and measure everything down to the last cent.


We know expediting the paperwork like visa status & work rights, insurance certificates, accreditations and education information is critical for fast turnaround. To ensure your candidates have all their supporting documentation such as at one glance, we have built it into the recruitment workflow allowing 100% compliance at all times.

Import Candidate

We understand the importance of knowledge and speed. Adding candidates to your database couldn't be easier. Creating records, parsing resumes and indexing them are all done with one click.

Natively Mobile

Any time, any day you have all you need in your pocket. You may need information fast when on the move or in a client meeting. You will have this at your fingertips wherever you go. Drive quicker decisions with real-time data from Dashboards and Custom Reports, candidate search or client information.

Send Resume

Found the shortlists? Now, forward those all out in one go! And all information like weekly dashboard can be sent to companies. We have the perfect platform to keep everyone involved well informed at any stage of the recruitment process.


One size does not fit all

Unlike most ATSs, our platform is built on Salesforce which means an enterprise grade platform with eminent configurability. Most of our clients have an instance built for them and that works for them alone. We build workflows and customised platform every day for different clients that like to manage the recruitment process in particular ways.

Roster & Availability Management

Who is available right now, next week or going to be available in 10 days’ time? Find the right candidate for the job at hand. Our rostering solution checks your candidate's calendar, location or any criteria you can come up with.